We are so busy off-season we are not sure why people ask us this question.
But here are just a few winter traditions for locals and off-season visitors:
Provincetown: Monday night Coffeehouse @ The Mews is an open mic for writers, playwrights, poets, singers, songwriters, comedians, etc. starts season number 27 on November 6, 2017 through May 7, 2018 with host and co-founder, singer songwriter Peter Donnelly.  The other co-founder is Mews owner and radio/television personality Ron Robin – https://mews.com/
Wellfleet: Wednesday is Trivia night at The Well; Feb 7, 2018 – Mar 28 – Patrick’s Trivia quiz.  Bring a friend or a team, Trivia, musical hints, points and prizes. Oh..,Food and drink!  http://thewelltavernandkitchen.com/
Chatham:  Movies nightly at the Orpheum – http://www.chathamorpheum.org/